In this universe, Trunks achieved this form after training in the hyperbolic chamber a second time and easily demolished perfect cell with a finish buster after throwing him up in the air after Son Goku surrendered. Given this, Trunks earned the respect of his father Vegeta. Son Goku didn't die in this universe.

He was also the one to defeat Bojack and gang instead of Son Gohan,

Old Future Trunks SSJ2 by cm023

Trunks powering up in his SSJ2 form

Trunks SSJ v coloured by jmbkpo

Trunks in his SSJ 2 form

Trunks's list of movesEdit

  • Burning Attack
  • Super Expolosive Wave
  • Buster Cannon
  • Finish Buster
  • Super Finish Buster