True Super Saiyan

Vegeta has a temporary rest before punching Broly in his Legendary True Super Saiyan form again, so that he doesn't wear out.


After seeing Trunks,Bulma,Bulla,and Goku die by Broly's hands(Especially Goku because he was already dead and because of that he's already dead, he doesn't exist anymore and can't be wished back), Vegeta lost it and transformed into a True Super Saiyan. A True Super Saiyan is the next to final form of a saiyan. Vegeta and Goku were the the only ones that obtained this form. This form, much like Super Saiyan, has a few "states" or "upgrades". The states/upgrades are:

  1. Ascended True Super Saiyan
  2. Ultra True Super Saiyan
  3. Full-Power True Super Saiyan
  4. And, of course: Legendary True Super Saiyan

Vegeta upgraded to those states as well, with the

TSS Goku

Goku as a True Super Saiyan with the red glow of the aura reflecting off of Goku's gi,pants,and wristbands.

exception of the Legendary True Super Saiyan form.


A True Super Saiyan looks exactly like a Super Saiyan, the only differences are that it has a red aura with the white on the inside, and glowing red pupils. The red aura is also always there, and the aura can't disappear without turning back to a previous form. Everything that the saiyan uses that requires ki is colored red.


  • Vegeta
  • Goku

Remaining FormsEdit

  • Giga Saiyan