Toast Full Power

Toast at his Full Power Transformation

Toast is a Knuffle born on the Planet Knuffle. He is the mentor, trainer, and guardian of Potatsos. Raditz gave Potatsos to Toast because he was the first Knuffle he saw when he landed. Toast is extremly smart on Knuffle standards. On Knuffle standards a dumb person has the amount of brainpower as ten Namekians combined. Toast has been so smart ever since he was a single day old and he was dropped on his head as a baby. Since he has had so much spare time (over 1,000 years), Toast has been training a lot. Toast trained so much that he is the first Knuffle with a full power form. Toast doesn't use his full power form much because he is a peaceful person even though he is a Knuffle General. Being a Knuffle General means that he gets to live longer than a lot of the other Knuffles and will lead the army in war. Toast was about to become a Knuffle Prince, but he was killed by Potatsos. Potatsos wanted to go to Earth, but Toast said that he was making a bad decision. Toast and Potatsos started to fight in an epic duel. Toast had the upper hand by a lot but Potatsos killed Toast with the Sacred Knife which he was saving for his fight with Goku.

Regular Toast charging up.