Toad beating people up in Hell

Piccolo and Vegeta THE CLASH by NamekianKAI

Toad fighting Vegeta

Unnamed Namekian hero

Toad landing on Earth.

Toad is a Namekian that was born after alll the Z-Fighters died except for Goku, Vegeta, Goten and Trunks. Toad heard the stories about Frieza and all the other attacks on planet Namek so he decided to train in case anyone else ever attacked. As a Namekian he was naturally smarter than most beings so he didn't have to study much. Since he had a lot of time to spare, Toad trained most of the time. On Namek he didn't have many people to train with him so he gathered all the Dragonballs. With the Dragonballs he wished to go to hell but to be able to come back anytime that he wanted to. In hell Toad trained with Piccolo and eventually became as strong as him (at the time Piccolo is as strong as a SSJ4). After Toad completed his training with Piccolo he decided to stay in hell and fight the enemies that the Z-Fighters had already taken down. He fought and beat most of them. The only person that he didn't defeat was Janembuu. Toad met King Yemma on his way back and asked who the strongest known thing by him in the world was. King Yemma said that is was someone named Goku on the Planet Earth. After that Toad decided to go back to the regular universe and from there he went to Earth to train (or fight if he was evil) with Goku. While on Earth, Toad saw Vegeta imeediatly. Toad thought that Vegeta was pretty strong. At first Vegeta declined to train with a filthy, weak Namekian infidel. So Toad fought with Vegeta and almost beat him but Vegeta turned into a SSJ5 and beat him. Soon after Toad met Goku and sparred with him. Goku said that Toad was around the strength of a SSJ4. After that Goku said he would train with Toad and they trained and Toad became as strong as him. Now Toad stays with Goku, Vegeta and their families and fight with them against other enemies.

  • Special Beam Cannon: Taught to by Piccolo
  • You Weakling!: He impales his oppponent through the chest, he used it to defeat Frieza in Hell.
  • Flight: Toad is capable of interstellar flight
  • ki blast: can shoot simple ki blasts