The Original Surpreme Kai was the first Kai ever and was the only living thing in the Universe.


The Original Surpreme Kai was getting bored being the only thing in the whole Universe so he did something unheard of. The Original Surpreme Kai cut off his own finger and was able to make a spear out of it, he called the spear the Kai Spear. The Original Surpreme Kai took the Kai Spear and stabed the heart of the Universe, when he did that planets started to appear and soon after other living beings appeared as well. The Original Surpreme Kai was finally happy and even found a wife and had a child together.

Hundreds of years later.......Edit

Things were looking very well for the Universe everyone was living happly together and peace was pospering and everyone was happy. But as they say nothing good lasts for long, there was a evil wizard who called himself Shadow Warlock. Shadow Warlock wanted to control everything and everyone, and he heared that there was a magical spear that the Original Surpreme Kai made himself and that it created all life and it was at a hidden temple.

After many years of searching Shadow Warlock finaly found the Kai Spear and he took it by force, when he got it he figured that if it created all life that it can take away all life too. The Shadow Warlock was right the spear caused devastating harm for everyone and the Universe was about to be controlled by Shadow Warlock, but what he didn't know was that The Original Surpreme Kai was still alive and that he was going to put a stop to this nonsense. The Original Surpreme Kai confronted Shadow Warlock and then he touched the Kai Spear. When The Original Surpreme Kai touched the spear he put all of his lifeforce in it and it was so powerful that it shattered the spear and it killed Shadow Warlock along with it too. The Original Surpreme Kai was dead and he left his position to his son Old Kai and peace lasted for a long time until Old Kai was sealed in a magical sword.