Talon by newman8tor-d41j2v9

This is Sharotto's son

Th gohanarmorcopy1

Talon in base form with different armor.

Talon SSJ


This is Talon, Sharotto's son. He is a very powerful Saiyan he has a power level of 100% full power Frieza in his base form. He is this strong because he was training and was almost killed, so he recived a zenkai that boosted his powerlevel dramatically. He has gotton the honors of training with Goku. Goku taught him how to turn into a Super Saiyan. He was fought and loss to British vegeta. This happened when he was with Goku. British vegeta was with him when they trained. He has different hair styles and wears different armor. He is Goku's cousin.
Gohan saiyan armor ssj by maurogoku

Talon with a different hair stlye and armor