The story is the "super saiyan hell
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Super Saiyan Hell

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Super Sayian Hell Vegeta

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Goku,Possessing Power Of The Devil Master

(or flaming super saiyan)" is when Goku and Vegeta is walking into Snake-Way but then they fell they are in Hell,   They are became uncouncious then they awake with a demon Goku Asked "who are you? "then the demon said "I am the demon master,a trainer" Goku and Vegeta wants to be trained,the Demon Master tested there powers but demon master said they are too weak...then quickly the demon master breathe something in his mouth thats black then the Black gas go to vegeta then he became powerful and scary as a demon(or ghost if want),Goku escaped but the black gas is too fast so he is possesed by the demon's power...and then they are mind controlled


Black skin and hair