Soto puting the last Dragon Ball in place before his wish

Soto is Korin's little brother, Soto also likes Vegeta.


Soto is Korin's little brother who was thought to be killed by King Piccolo a long time ago. But Soto was alive but fell in a deep coma, over 30 years later Soto finally woke up and then he saw Vegeta. Soto saw Vegeta as a majin fighting Goku and he thought he was so cool, Soto wanted to look like Vegeta and be just as strong as him so he went to find the Dragon Balls. After a day of searching Soto found all of the Dragon Balls and he wished he looked like Vegeta and he had all of the same powers as him, Shenron granted his wish and Soto soon kinda looked like a cat version of Majin Vegeta. Soto is now just as strong as Vegeta and knows all of the same moves and even helps the Z fighters from time to time.

Soto after his wish