Snow is Frieza's grandson and is Kuriza's son, and is Icy's nephew. He is all that is left of his race. 100 years after the events of GT in Goku Jr.'s time Snow decided to finish what his ansestor's one started: to destroy the Earth. He arrived in his base form and found Goku Jr.,Pan and Puck. he killed Puck and Pan. Goku Jr. got angry and became a Super Saiyan who then overpowered Snow. The tyrant transformed into his second form and layed a beat down on the boy until Vegeta Jr. came in and teamed up with Goku Jr. Together they barely beat Snow. But when Snow transformed into his final form he killed Vegeta Jr.'s mother,(which was the only family member left).They stood no chance against Snow anymore. Suddenly Goku teleported back to Earth and defeated Snow,but spared his life because he was the only one left of Frieza's race. Then he called Snow short and teleported him to Hell. Although Snow is still alive he remains in Hell with his other relatives for the remainder of his days.

Snow in his third form.

Personality and StrengthEdit

Snow has a calm and patient personality, he is also much stronger than his uncle Icy but his only weakness is when someone calls him short. Then his power drops down to Raditz's power: 1,200.


Even though he is Frieza's grandson he looks more like Cooler(much like how Icy is Coolers son but looks alot like Frieza).

Snow base form


Snow can transform into 3 forms. First form= Snow's "Base" form is similiar to Cooler's except he has horns like Frieza. This form is as strong as a super saiyan. Second form= Snow's second form is much like Frieza's second form only stronger though. Snow in his second from resembles his great grandfather King Cold. Snow is as strong as a super saiyan 2 in this form.Third form= Snow in his third form looks a lot like Cooler in his final form. Snow in this form is as strong as Super Saiyan 3 Goku.

Snow in his second form.


  • Death Beam= a move that has been passed down for years in Snow's family. It is a powerful Pinkish-Purple colored beam.
  • Death Ball= a attack that can destroy a whole entire planet. This is the same move Snow's grandpa Frieza used to destroy the planet Namek and Planet Vegeta.
  • Filght= Snow can use his Ki to fly like most characters.
  • Ki Blast= a simple energy blast.

    Sow preforming a Death Ball