Shomida fighting right before dying.


Shomida cahrging up.

Shomida Senyen is Tien Shinhan's unknown nephew. Shomida Senyen's name means Mystic Three Eyes. He was named that because when he was born he had 4 eyes but one of them somehow seemed to die out and gave "powers" to the third eye. His third eye can look through things, can see invisible things, works like a scouter, shoots ki blasts, makes Shomida invisible at will, and gives a protective forcefeild at will. This is found out when a little boy tried to poke Shomida's third eye when he thought it was fake. The eye shot out a ki blast, made Shomida invisible and gave out a protective force feild. Shomida trained with Tien but surpassed him soon. Shomida then went to train with Joey in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. After that he trained with everyone else that Joey did (Goku, Vegeta, Master Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha, Goten and Trunks.) Joey is Shomida's best friend. In the end he died right before Joey did at the same age. Shomida died when a new monster came to Earth an terrorized the world. Shomida got killed when a huge blast stronger than a SSJ3 that was meant for Joey killed him when he jumped in the way.