Sharo in normal form

Sharo is Goku's long lost sister. She is one of the unknown Z-Fighters and she is enemies with Prince vegeta but strangely strong friends with Princess Vegeta. She also dislikes her father, for his urge to attack and hurt Princess Vegeta.

Sharo's HistoryEdit

Sharo was sent to Earth a couple years after Goku was. She fell down the same ravine and her personality changed. Then she secretly mastered techniques of hiding her power level, ect.

When she realised that her scouter was of no use, she dropped it into the ocean. Ever since that she has been training.

Not many years later, she dropped unconsious and scientists took her to their lab. Some of the scientists experimented with her ability to become a great ape, so they changed it- the Great Wolf. Since then, she transforms into a giant arctic wolf with glowing red eyes.

Sharo's PersonalityEdit

Sharo realates more to her mother than her father and she is arrogant and proud of her origin. At the time of her birth, Sharotto was the strongest adult saiyan on Planet Vegeta, so Sharo had her genes and had a significant power level at birth.

Sharo as a Great Wolf

Sharo Great WolfEdit

Ever since the scientists experimented on her, the anger inside her began to boil and rise. This had an impact on Sharo. The Great Wolf form form is the effect of her anger. She also