Mr santa by db own universe arts-d35keog

Shanti Tajuli dressing up as Santa for kids.


Shanti Tajuli getting prepared for a fight.

Shanti Tajuli is Mr.Satan's twin brother. His first name is Shanti but people call him by both names because together they mean God's Assistant. He is a very kind man that will help anyone that has a good will. Shanti never wants to hurt anyone but he has a very big anger temper. Whenever someone pisses him off his shirt rips off automatically, he shows his extremly hairy stomach (his chest has no hair like a SSJ4), and he gets an angry look on his face. Besides his anger issues he is always extremley well behaved and will do work for nothing at all. Since he gets angry easily he fights a lot. His fighting and foing so many chores combined lead to him being as strong as an SSJ4. Shanti Tajuli has never been trained by anyone his entire life and he lives with his adoption mother. Shanti Tajuli has a lot of free time and since his mother is very old he spends all of his free time taking care of her.