Seto in his base form.

Seto is one of the surviving pure blooded Low Class Saiyans who used to work for Frieza as a scientist.

Personality and strengthsEdit

Seto has a calm personality but when angred can be a huge threat. He is not one of the strongest Saiyans but he is definitaly one of the smartest Saiyans that ever lived.


Seto as a Great Ape.


Seto one and only transformation is the Great Ape. Seto when he transforms into a Great Ape has complete control and remembers everything he does or says which is unique because only elite Saiyans have been able to do this.

Family membersEdit

Not much is known about Seto's parents except that they were brilliant scientists like Seto and died while wroking on a experiment. The only living known family member Seto has is a son named Aple.


Seto has spiky blue hair that stands straight up, he also has thick black colored eye brows.


  • Psychic Beam= a powerful invisible beam that is deadly cause you can't see it.

    Seto using You've made me mad now!

  • Meteor Shower= tiny multiple pea sized enegry blasts that are not powerful.
  • You've made me mad now!= a technique that is exclusive to Seto and boosts his power similar to the Kaio-ken but with Blue aura instead of Red.
  • Flight= Seto can use his Ki to fly like most characters.
  • Ki Blasts= simple energy blasts.


  • Even though he is a low-class Saiyan Seto has complete control over the Great Ape transformation which is very unique.
  • He is one of the smartest Saiyans that ever lived.