Super saiyan 3 vegito by styxero-d3ctpdt

SSJ3 Vegito

SSJ3 Vegitos battleEdit

SSJ3 Vegito faced Gogeta in a all out battle and won.
Vegito kills gogeta by dcgil-d46o86f

When Vegito kills Gogeta

He had to use everything he had against Gogeta and then ended up killing him.

The battle was so harsh that both Gogeta and Vegito were toreup.

SSJ3 Vegitos movesEdit

  • Veggeto ssj3 by daalminato-d34gq81

    SSJ3 Vegito about to use Final Kamehameha

    Final Kamehameha
  • Big Bang Cluster ( He used this to kill Gogeta)
    Super saiyan 3 vegito by saviooo-d2tk075

    SSJ3 Vegito

  • Kamehameha
  • Galick Gun
  • Final Flash
  • Big Bang Attack
  • Final Dragon Flash