SS10 Goku

SSJ10 Goku

The Super Saiyan 10 resembles a Super Saiyan 5 but the fur on the chest is gone,and the hair is shaped like Super Saiyan hair.The average power level for a Super Saiyan 10 is 100,000,000,000.

The SSJ10 form is not owned by me. I did not edit the pictures. All is owned by DB-Own-Universe-Arts at deviantArt. This form is also not included in our fan-made Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball GP, or our fan-made series Dragon Ball VR. (By "our I mean me and "daeronjamesnumber2",my
SS10 Gohan

SSJ10 Gohan

SS10 Future Gohan

SSJ10 Future Gohan

SS10 Vegeta

SSJ10 Vegeta