Quitt is a Elite-Saiyan warrior that is a Legendary Super Saiyan.


Quitt wasn't always a Legendary Super Saiyan he was just a Elite-Saiyan warrior who took orders from Frieza. But after Frieza died Quitt didn't know what to do he just traveled from planet to planet until one day he met a Saiyan Scientist who was able to get some of Broly's Cells and said he could give more power to him if he did a little experiment and he would be the strongest being in the Universe even stronger than Frieza.

With the thought of power pleased Quitt and he let the scientist preform the experiment. The experiment was sucessful Quitt's power increased so much he was even stronger than Broly. Quitt then heared that there were some really powerful Saiyan warriors on a planet called Earth, after landing on Earth he confronted Goten. Goten then got in a fight with Quitt but Quitt was easily getting beaten by Goten then appearrently Broly's Cells started to wear off and Quitt lost a lot of power then he knew he wasn't a match for Goten and then he gave up.