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  • Princess Vegeta circles the number 8 on a peice of paper*

Princess Vegeta is the sister of Prince Vegeta. Princess Vegeta is alot like Sharo except fun loving and free spirited. Abandoned by her parents King and Queen Vegeta. Was found by Goku and raised by him. The bond with Goku and the others as very strong. One day when she went out for a walk with her adoptive father Goku she was knocked out in a flash. Instead of turning into a great ape the siencetist made it to where she would turn into a giant enderdragon when she was too cold and it was below freezing she would turn into a snowywhite dragon. Princess Vegeta is enemies with Cell, Bardock, Buu, King Vegeta, Queen Vegeta, Nappa and used to be enemies with Raditz until made a wish that Raditz would be good. Princess Vegeta is allies with many saiyans and people escpesally Piccolo. Princess Vegeta also has pets here's a list: Flika, Dream, Kayla, Blue, Rainbow Claw and Sparta. Princess Vegeta is a full blooded saiyan.Princess Vegeta is the strongest of them all.Edit

Princess Vegeta

Princess vegeta

Princess Vegeta's PersonalityEdit

Princess Vegeta relates to Goku more than the others.She's free spirited and fun loving.Goku nicknamed her Pinkie pie princess Vegeta was also adventureous and Loyal that's where ChiChi made up the nickname Rainbow dash.Edit