Potatsos looks like Goku in his base form.

This is Raditz's son. He was so angry that his pathetic father had died that even though he hated him Potatsos wanted to avenge Raditz. Potatsos trained so hard that he became a SSJ. He eventually became a SSJ4 but he couldn't go any further. In the end he got killed by Vegeta. In hell Potatsos had a face-off with Piccolo and was almost winning. Piccolo won by using his Special Beam Cannon.

Potatsos decided that his father got killed by Goku because of his faulty scouter. So, first he became a scientist on Planet Knuffle and invented the ultimate scouter. The ultimate scouter knows the exact power level of someone even when it's hidden. It never breaks, and it can pinpoint exactly where the person is. That's why Potatso always keeps his scouter with
SS Turles

Potatsos as soon as he turned into a SSJ.

SS3 Turles

Potatsos looking for Goku as a SSJ3.

him while in his base form. Potatsos still has his tail and when he turns into a great ape he has full
248669-sa super saiyan raditz

Potatso during his fight with Goku.

control and is a golden great ape. In his fight with Goku he was a strong Super Saiyan 4 but Goku beat him. However he wasn't killed because Goku said that Potatsos was his brother's son and he didn't want to kill him. In Potatsos' fight with Vegeta, Vegeta said "Why are you killing me?", and Potatsos says that Vegeta betrayed Raditz. Eventually Potatsos goes to hell. When Potatsos goes to hell he searches for Piccolo. Since Piccolo has had so much time in hell he's become super strong. He is even stronger than a SSJ4. However Potatsos recieved two zenkais from fighting with Goku and Vegeta. Because of the two zenkais Potatsos is as strong as a SSJ5 but can't become one because he is a half-saiyan. Potatsos is putting up a good fight and he had almost defeated Piccolo but right then, Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha (who died a long time ago and asked King Yemma to visit hell) do a full nelson on Potatso. Piccolo charges up his Special Beam Cannon and says "You want to see how your father really died? Well just watch!". Right then Tien, Krillin, and Yamcha are broken free with an explosion from Potatso, and at the exact same secound Potatso gets hit by the Special Beam Cannon and dies. Piccolo and the rest drag Potatso to a jail cell that is impossible to escape from and leave him there forever with nothing to do or eat, and if he moves besides blinking,breathing, and talking he gets shocked with 1,000,000,000 bolts of electricity.
SSJ3 Goku vs SSJ Raditz

During the fight between Goku and Potatso.

SS4 Turles

SSJ4 Potatsos.

Super Saiyan 4 potatsos

Potatsos fighting Goku with a ultimate death ball in his hands.