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Nezu (Fan-Fic Character)
Name Nezu
Power Level 90,800,000 (1,000,000,000 at full power)
Race Saiyan
"Meet Your End For I Am Nezu,The Protector Of Life!"—Nezu Before Firing The Ultimate Zion Typhoon Blaster

Nezu is the 7th Saiyan Survivor. His personality is cheerful and energetic yet haughty, arrogant, and bitter as a result of the destruction of his homeworld, Planet Vegeta. Nezu's name is a pun off of mayonnaise (Mayonnaise is called Mayonēzu マヨネーズ In Japanese).


Nezu Is 6'3" feet tall, his hair firmly stands upwards, and has a prominent widow's peak. Nezu Is also a pure Saiyan. Nezu's hair never grows in length. His battle armor is like Vegeta's but the jump suit is red not blue. Nezu's Brows are brown and his eyes are a dark purple color.


Nezu can go SSJ, SSJ2, and once SSJ3.

When he's a SSJ his power increases to 1,000,060,000

And when he's a SSJ2 his power increases to 250,150,000,000.



SSJ2 Nezu stuck in a wall. (Buu Saga)Zion Phaser- A large energy wave thats very similar to the final flash but its purple.

Ultra Eraser Typhoon- A energy dome thats similar to the burning attack but its white.

True Kamehameha X10- A X10 more powerful version of the True Kamehameha.

Don't touch me with your filthy hands!- A counter attack. When someone punches Nezu In the face, Nezu blocks the punch and kicks the opponent away saying Don't touch me with your filthy hands!

Ultra Power Up- A blast 1 technique. Renders Nezu Un-Flinchable.

Zion Chaser- A rush.Nezu dashes at the opponent and does a combo of kicks and punches, then he punches the opponent in the gut and kicks him/her away.

Ultimate Zion Typhoon Blaster- A more powerful version of the Zion Phaser. (Nezu's Ultimate Attack)



Blaze Xion Duster X- A Dual Homing Destructo Disk like attack. The color of the attack is red.

Destructive Mind-A rock throw technique. Nezu throws a rock at the opponent using his mind, then he blasts him/her with a Ultimate Zion Typhoon Blaster while the opponent is stunned.

Final Flash- A technique developed by Vegeta. It is a golden energy wave.

Super Kamehameha- A blue energy wave developed by Goku.

Saiyan Boldness- A blast 1 technique. Gives Nezu a big boost in attack power and defense.

Wild Sense- Nezu dodges an attack by moving swiftly (similar to the Afterimage Technique) and counter-attacks the opponent with a punch or kick sending them down to the ground or into the air.

Ultimate Saiyan Bomb Beam- A huge orange energy beam. Similar to the Final Shine Attack. (SSJ Nezu's Ultimate Attack)



Burning Attack- A Energy Dome. Flame like in appearance.

Big Bang Attack- A Energy Dome. The color is blue.

Ultra Burst Destroyer- A Masenko like technique but its red with bio- electricity.

Dark World- A blast 1 technique. Renders Nezu Un-Flinchable.

Universe Crusher- Nezu's Version of the Big Bang Attack.

Afterimage Strike- Nezu distracts his/her opponent with an Afterimage Technique. When the opponent attacks the false image, the Nezu dodges the attack. The Afterimage Strike allows the user to dodge more than once.

I Will Force You To Find Out What Real Pain Is- A rush attack. Nezu dashes at the opponent and performs a combo with many punches and kicks and finishes the combo with a shot to the gut, then Nezu head butts the opponent, sends him/her flying with a kick, and finishes the attack by blasting the opponent in mid air with a Universe Crusher. (SSJ2 Nezu's Ultimate Attack)



King Vegeta- Father. A damaged SSJ NezuVegeta- Twin Brother.

Tarble- Brother.

Bulma- Sister In-Law.

Bulla- Niece.

Trunks- Nephew.

Future Trunks- Nephew from a different timeline.

Future Bulma- Sister In-Law from a different timeline.

Future Vegeta- Twin Brother from a different timeline.

Future Tarble- Brother from a different timeline.

Future King Vegeta- Father from a different timeline.

Gohan- Mentor.

Special Abilities

Power Sensing- Nezu can sense power levels and ki

Ki Masking- Nezu can mask his ki

Telekinesis- Nezu can move things with his mind

Levitate- Nezu can fly using ki

Magic Materialization- Nezu has a magical ability used to create physical matter out of thin air


  • Nezu is Vegeta's twin brother
  • Nezu is a lot like his twin brother Vegeta
  • Nezu is the last surviving pure blood Saiyan
  • Although Nezu is alot like Vegeta he is also more easy-going making his personality alot like Vegito's