Newman ss4 by newman8tor-d3l3qwc

Sharottos brother

This is the brother of Sharotto. His name is Newman. He is not as powerful as her sister but he has a power level around 4000. He was going with his sister along with his other brothers. He was killed as he was to weak for the elites of Planet Koal. His sister loved him so much and when he was killed her sister went at the elite and took his heart out. He can't turn into a Great Ape. Although he cant turn into a Great ape, he can turn into a SSJ5. He couldnt learn how to become the other forms so he consulted Goku who taught him the form. He is the unknown uncle of Goku.
Newman ss5 by newman8tor-d3l8xki

This is Newman SSJ5. He takes a whole new look