Majin Frieza

Majin Frieza Is Controled By Babidi. And Some Day Majin Frieza Killed Babidi Because He Did Not Want To Follow Babidis Direction So. He Killed Babidi. And Destory The Planet. And He Found SomeOne Name Mr.Satan.Mr.Satan Was Best Friend With Majin Frieza. And Majin Frieza Made A House With All The People He Killed And Mr.Satan Lived. Until Evil Freiza Came And Fougth Majin Frieza. Majin Frieza Got Turned Into Chocolate. And Evil Frieza Ate Majin Frieza And Evil Frieza Was TransForming To Super Frieza Was Going To Attack Mr.Satan But Super Frieza. Forgot That Mr.Satan Was His Only Best Friend So He Went To The LookOut So He Can Find The Person That Said We Will Fight Again So We Get Stonger We Will Fight You And Super Frieza Said Time Is Up So Gotenks Came To Find Super Frieza Fougth Gotenks Was Out Of Moves So Super Frieza Killed Gotenks. But Gotenks Was Still Alive