Legendary Deluxe Saiyan the Legendary Deluxe Saiyan. All lost....or is it?


After Broly turned back into a Legendary Omega Saiyan 3. Goku was winning again. As well as Vegeta as a Deluxe Saiyan. Broly put his arms in an "X" position, his muscles pulsed, and he glowed red, and then, he put his arms out, and with one word, "KAKAROTTO!!!!!", A huge energy ball surrounded and blasted out(Final Explosion style) from Broly's body. When the light cleared, the sky was pitch black, the city was now a huge crater of fire, and Broly had a red "excited" and "energetic" aura. Goku dashed towards Broly, but Broly swatted Goku aside, put his arms in the X position again, and released his arms. A loud -WOOSH- sound filled the air, wind blowed, lightning flashed here and there, and Broly became a Legendary Deluxe Saiyan.


DS with LSS. Has a white electric aura that is always buzzing and surrounding him/her, and instead of a white aura, there is a huge white light beaming up into the sky from his/her's body.


  • Broly

Remaining FormsEdit

  • Legendary Power Saiyan
  • Legendary True Super Saiyan