Janembuu is an ancient monster, created by Nappa77. Janembuu was created when the Spirit Bomb was used too much, by using the negative energy of the universe, forming together two of the most powerful opponets Goku has faced! Janembuu first targeted Earth as he knew his opposer, Goku was there! Janembuu first bumped into Gohan who Janembuu recognized... But While fighting Gohan, Janembuu was being pummeled, because he had let his guard down the whole time! Janembuu was steaming mad! He blasted Gohan with an enormous Energy Wave, which easily took care of him. Janembuu also, knowing about the Dragon Balls, had thought about gathering them up, and using their power for immortality. He had made up his mind after worrying if Gogeta would come to stop him! Janembuu sensed Goku's power after a short search, he and Goku had come face to face. Goku had known about Janembuu though! Luckily a barley-alive Gohan had told him! Janembuu was an overwhelming opponet for Super Saiyan 3 Goku! Vegeta didn't even join the fight after Goku lost, knowing he wouldn't do any better. Janembuu had strucken fear in all the Z fighters when they went to fight him. From Tien, to Krillin, Trunks, Goten, and Yamcha, defeat had fallen upon the Z fighters! Janembuu had stole the already-gathered Dragon Balls from the Kame house, and was off to grant his wish! It was up to Chiatzou to fight now, he was not very weakend and could still fight! Once Janembuu had summoned The Eternal Dragon (Shenron) Chiatzou tried to get in the way by wishing HE had immortality! But Janembuu had already made the wish. Janembuu had went through the process of a NEW transformation known as Immortal Janembuu.However the immortality wish only let Janembuu live forever,so he wasn't invincible.Goku barely alive fused into ssj 4 Gogeta and used the "Big Bang Kamehameha times 100" and decinigrated Janembuu to dust. Then Goku revived everyone with the Dragon Balls.