Icy is Cooler's son and is one of the last members of his race along with his nephew Sno



Early lifeEdit

Icy was born when future Trunks killed his uncle Frieza, and his father died shortly after Frieza did, so Icy was all alone with no one to take care of him so he wandered the Universe.

While Icy was traveling across the Universe he heard that a young man by the name of Trunks killed his uncle Frieza and that he lived on Earth. Furious Icy went to Earth to kill Trunks(little did he know that Future Trunks had already traveled back to his own timeline).

Arrival to EarthEdit

When Icy finaly arrived on Earth he immeditaly went looking for the boy named Trunks, after a while Icy saw a newspaper that said that Trunks had just become the President of the Capsule Corperation, now Icy knew where to find Trunks and went looking for the Capsule Corperation building.

Fight with TrunksEdit

After a long time of searching Icy finally found Trunks at the Capsule Crperation building and immeditately attacked him. Trunks was able to dodge Icy's attack and countered by punching him in the face, Icy was so mad he ran up to Trunks and preformed a attack called Death Wave. The attack stuned Trunks for a little bit but he soon recovered and attacked Icy with Big Tree Canon which almost defeated Icy. Icy was really hurt by Trunk's attack and was so mad he flew up into the sky and was charging a Death Sphere so he can destroy Trunks along with Earth. Trunks couldn't let Icy destroy the whole planet so he flew up to Icy and punched him so hard it went through his chest and killed him.

Transformation and PowerEdit

Icy only has one form. It looks like Frieza's second form and King Cold. His power is equal to his father Cooler, not counting Cooler's "Meta" form of course


  • Death Wave= One of Icy's most powerful attacks, Icy charges his Ki and then realeses it as a Pink colored wave that shakes the ground.
  • Death Sphere= a move Icy learned the from his dad, it is a powerful Green colored attack that can destroy entire planets.
  • Flight= Icy can use his Ki to make him fly like most characters.
  • Ki Blast= a simple energy blast.