Hyper Saiyan

Goku, as a Hyper Saiyan, is angry at Porunga(not the Namekian dragon, a Porunga that is a fan character of mine).


A Hyper Saiyan is aquired directly after Super Saiyan 4. It's my version of a Super Saiyan 5. It's in an OS(Original Series) I made called "Dragon Ball GP(Giga Power)", and the sequel series, "Dragon Ball VR(Vegeta's Rage)". In those two series, there is no such thing as a Super Saiyan 5,6,7,etc. I made something original. It seems I'm one of the only ones that's not making Af the sequel of DBGT, but DBGP as the sequel, actually something original(Hence the term OS.). Anyway, this form is VERY powerful,much more powerful than the non-existent(in GP) SSJ5. It was only obtained by the fourth saiyan to exist milleniums ago. It was even more so of a myth than a Super Saiyan. All of the saiyans were skeptics about this form and believed the story of a saiyan turned Hyper Saiyan a fictional story, just purely written down by an old saiyan attempting to trick the saiyans of a later century. Unfortunately, most of the saiyans weren't around to see that Hyper Saiyans existed.

HS Goku

Goku charges his Hyper Saiyan power!


As you can see in the picture above, a Hyper Saiyan has a white glow around his/her body, a white aura that is always present, white colored Super Saiyan-shaped hair, green eyes, white eyebrows, and white fur around the torso and on the arms. Also, there is a white tail.


  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Laura
  • Leo
  • Gogeta

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