Evil within by q2099-d3kd8p6

Haiyanta speaking to Goku while fighting with him.

Haiyanta Guesho is Goku's evil twin brother. He is a pure-blooded Saiyan. His name means Darkness Monster. Originally when he was born he was born as evil and ruthless as all other Saiyans. However he got it so that he started to love killing people. All other saiyans love killing people but it was all that Haiyanta did. He didn't only kill people on missions. Haiyanta killed every Saiyan that got him even a little pissed off. Haiyanta is the older twin of Goku. At birth his power level was the exact same as Broly's as a baby. Like Broly, Haiyanta was sick of Goku crying but never got the chance to fight him. Later on however, Haiyanta found out that if he was able to kill Goku then he would become immortal. Haiyanta was already a SSJ4 but he wanted to become even stronger. So he trained until he became so strong that he became a SSJ6 without turning into a SSJ5. In SSJ6 form Haiyanta will kill anyone in his way. He would even kill a friend. Haiyanta found Goku on Earth and fought him. Haiyanta won the fight aftyer a long time. Goku turned into an SSJ5 and was fightoing Haiyanta. Haiyanta didn't want to do it but he urned into an SSJ6 and when he thought Goku was dead he left the battlefield thinking that he ws immortal. Several years later Goku and Haiyanta fought again on Planet Knuffle (Haiyanta stays there) and Goku killed Haiyanta when he turned into an SSJ8 and fought against SSJ6 Haiyanta.

Haiyanta as a SSSJ6


Haiyanta in his angry base form.