Goyeka is Vekaus brother. He was raised to believe that his father was a traitor of the saiyan race, he loved and trusted his father but thought his father was tricky.
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It was a horrible morning Goyeka saw it he knew... he sat up and screamed, his hair color changed to yellow he was a super saiyan. He was at horror as he saw it his dad killed by King Garon, he flew up and shot many Kamhameha waves at Garon killing him in a snap. He then flew away to a planet Earth he was know to be be rude and hotheaded now that he is grown up. He started training in order to kill Garons army he had too but there was on thing Garons army were not saiyans they were robots made of steel each with a power level of 100,000 making them very powerful. He then went one a mission to find Garmon then he found him in a island Garom was writing a document about saiyans then ran when he saw him. It turns out that Garmon lived he went super saiyan and said this is my life. He knew it he saw it as Garmon kicked him in the back he tuned around and useda kamahameha but it had no effect Goyeka knew the he would die... Then he ra into vekau and vekau said would you like a master he said as fast as he could Yes sir. For then next two years he trained in order to become world strongest.