Base Gohau

Gohau is the Potara Earring fusion between Goku and Gohan (father and son).

How Gohau was bornEdit

When Super Buu had absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo all had seemed lost and Gohan was about to give up admit defeat but then Goku appeared and gave Gohan a Potara Earring so they can fuse, and then the powerful Gohau was born.

The fight with Buu Edit

Gohau was way stronger than Super Buu and easliy started beating him up, then when Buu was about to attack Gohau finished him off with a True Ultimate Kamekameha.

The world brought back to peaceEdit

After Buu was defeated Gohau gathered the Dragon Balls and wished everyone that was good who died by Buu to be brought back to life and for their final wish Gohau wished to be two seperate people again.


  • True Ultimate Kamekameha= Gohau's strongest attack which destroyed Super Buu for good.
  • Super Kamekameha= a more powerful version of the Kamekameha.
  • Spirit Bomb= even though he didn't have a chance to use it Gohau knows how to preform the Spirit Bomb.
  • Flight= Gohau can use his Ki to fly lkie most characters.
  • Ki Blasts= simple energy blasts.