Gogetenks on a burning Earth.

Gogetenks is a saiyan/human being that is the potara fusion of Gogeta and Gotenks. He is extremely powerful and has almost almost no weakness. His only weakness is when dinner is ready, but it only works when Bulma or Chi-Chi calls him for dinner. Once Bulma or Chi-Chi call them they all separate into four different beings again and race to one of their houses. Gogetenks can turn into an SSJ8 and an SSJ7. He can also turn into all of the other saiyan transformations (except for SSJ5) but his main one is SSJ8. Gogetenks would have been able to turn into SSJ5 but he needs full saiyan blood to do that. The reason that he first turned into himself was because on day Gotenks and Gogeta were training and they decided that they wanted to find out what happens when two fusions do a fusion. They already had potara earrings handy so they just decided to use them. The new being, Gogetenks, was now formed. But then Chi- Chi called Goku for dinner and they separated. A long time later Cell started absorbing everything in hell. Cell didn't get to everything since some things were stronger than him but he thought he was strong enough to kill Goku. However, Goku beat him. Later, Cell snuck up on Buu and absorbed him and everything else in Hell. Now he had a power to make a voice that every thing in the universe heard. One day when Goku decided to get the Dragonballs to wish for an unlimited supply of food, Cell used his universal voice to say, "I wish that Cell came back to life!" Now Supreme Ultimate Cell came to life. The only way to stop him was to do fusion. However Gogeta wasn't strong enough. So Gotenks came and fought too. Even then Supreme Ultimate Cell was stronger. So, they used Potara Earrings that they got from Kibito Kai and turned into Gogetenks. Gogetenks killed Supreme Ultimate Cell. After that he was called to dinner so he was separated and they raced off to eat dinner.