Fruitt is a Namekian that was raised by the Saiyans.


Fruitt as a little boy was sent to a random planet when a evil villan was killing all of the Namekians during the terrible Namekian Massacre, so his dad put him in a space pod and sent him to a far away planet so the evil villan wouldn't kill him.

After 2 years of riding the space pod Fruitt finaly landed on a planet. It turned out that Fruitt landed on Planet Vegeta, then a young Saiyan couple found the little boy Fruitt laying on the planet dazed and a little confused. The young couple took him to their house and helped Fruitt recover from wounds. It turned out that Fruitt lost all of his memory of being a Namekian so the young couple raised Fruitt as their own child.

Fruitt was training as a warrior and was pretty weak though, but after a couple of weeks he got the hang of fighting and became one of the strongest warriors on the planet. But when Planet Vegeta was getting destroyed Fruitt was able to get his adapted parents and flee the planet. Then when they were leaving the planet Fruitt saw Freiza and then he remembered everything that happened when he was on Namek. It turned out that Frieza was the one responsible for the Namekian Massacre and that he was the one that nearly wiped out the Namekian Race. Fruitt was so enraged he got out of his space pod and confronted Frieza. When he was about to go see Frieza Fruitt saw a Saiyan by the name of Bardock and they teamed up to try to defeat Frieza. Sadly Fruitt meet the same fate as Bardock and Planet Vegeta and died but before he died he saw a space pod with a little Saiyan baby who looked exactly like Bardock. Apparently the baby's ship got ruined from the blast and it couldn't fly, fearing that Frieza might kill the baby Fruitt put the baby in his space pod and sent him to Earth. Shortly after he did this Fruitt died and then in his final moments he smiled and said "Son of Bardock one day kill Frieza and bring peace to all of the Saiyan souls that were killed by Frieza!".