Frost is Frieza,Cooler,and Blizzar's great grandfather, King Cold's grandfather,Chilled's father,Kuriza and Icy's great great grandfather, and Snow's great great great grandfather. He is as strong as Frieza, and he has 2 forms. He was born on Planet Namek during age 200. He looks young but he really is the oldest member of Frieza's Un-Named race. Unlike Frieza he isn't evil, he is just at times sadistic, especially when he gets mad but this doesn't occur often.


Death Beam
Frost by db own universe arts-d35spv9

Frost in his Final Form. (10th Form)

Super Nova

Tri Beam (how Frost learned this attack is un-known)

Full Power Death Beam

Homing Destructo Disk

Wild Sense

Death Beam Barrage

Ultra Planet Burster Blast - A Super Nova in the form of a energy wave.

Afterimage Strike

False Courage

Pump Up


Frost has an Cool and tough personality, he is very arrogant and cocky, but he barely speaks. He isn't evil but at times he is sadistic. He cares for his minions and family.


  • Frost is the only known member of Frieza's race that is not evil.
  • Unlike Frieza, Frost cares about his friends, minions, and family.
  • Frost only uses his Final Form.