Deluxe Saiyan

Goku, witnessing Vegeta's death, has transformed into the Godly form, a Deluxe Saiyan.

DS Gogeta

Gogeta as a Deluxe Saiyan directly before he used his Stardust Breaker to defeat Nomed.


DS Goten

Goten shows off his new form to his father after training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for a day.

Obtained first by Goku when he witnessed Vegeta's death by the hands of Nomed, a demon released from the Demon Orbs by Halimen with the help of Vegeta(Vegeta thought the

DS Vegeta

Vegeta is preparing to unleash his Big Bang Attack among Nomed in the Stratosphere of Earth.

Demon Orbs were another type of Dragon Balls and thought Halimen was good, not evil). Obtained by Vegeta not long after when he returned from the Otherworld to Earth, and transformed not by witnessing death and getting angry, but just being angered by not having the form.


A Deluxe Saiyan looks exactly like the non-existent Super Saiyan 5, except it has glowing red eyes, a white aura with a gray color inside the aura(the aura is always present), and electricity that doesn't just appear here and there every once and a while, instead, it is always buzzing and is always all over the form user's body.


  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Goten
  • Gogeta
  • Vegito

Remaining FormsEdit

  • Deluxe Saiyan 2
  • Deluxe Saiyan 3
  • Deluxe Saiyan 4
  • Power Saiyan
  • Power Saiyan 2
  • Power Saiyan 3
  • Power Saiyan 4
  • True Super Saiyan
  • Giga Saiyan