British vegeta

Vegeta drinking tea.

Final flash

Final Flash!!!!!!

Vegeta ssj4

a SSJ4 British Vegeta

Once upon a time, there was a warrior that underwent the special tea training. British tea. This training was facilitated with the helping of senzu buttery crumpets. That warrior is British Vegeta.

SS10 Vegeta




SSJG Goku stands no chance

Mystic Gohan stands no chance

SSJ3 Gotenks stands no chance

Super Buu can try

He is beyond belief

British vegeta Quote:

"Oh, bloody Hell another nerduell. He thinks he's stronger than me? Fiddle Sticks, this universe will be nothing without me. Check yourself, if you think different. I will end your existence, for i am the true saiyan King" 

Senzu Buttery Crumpets are a creation gone wrong by Dr.Geru. Dr.Geru is Dr.Gero's brother. He tried to make another set of senzu buttery crumpets but went wrong and came out a British Vegeta. Britsh Vegeta has all the powers of regular Vegeta but is as stongg as SSJ5 Vegeta.He enjoys drinking tea, it's his favorite beverage. His secret weapon is the Tea Of Might. He drank it in order to turn ssj5. British vegeta knows how to go LTLSSJ (Legendary tea leaf super saiyan), but he has done it, only once, to defeat Majin Piccoluub, this form is pure energy and resembles the super sayin god of legend but with a tea like aura. He killed him with a Kamehameflash-Masenko-Beam wave of Fire Crumpet. That is both the Final Flash, kamehameha, Masenko wave, all surronded with Buttery Ki. When he does this attack, it looks like he was doing the Final Flash. British Vegeta has fought a lot of the same people the Z fighters have and he is a good person. To the right is British Vegeta doing the kamehameflash.

When training with Whis he grew tiresome and needed a break. During his break he drank tea of course, then when fighting Whis a second time he ascended to a sayins ultimate form, Teageta. Teageta has a power level of over 9000 tea bags, incredible considering Whis has a power level of 1.5 tea bags. He now trains Whis.

Once day when Teageta was training Whis he heard that Beers had been the source of the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so he killed Beers with a single punch, obliterating him from existence. Whis wanted to turn back time and stop Teageta but Teageta also controls time.

Vegeta 2

Assj British vegeta


Vegeta at ssj

British vegeta at ssj2


British vegeta at SSJ1

Ssj3 vegeta

Britsh vegeta after drinking the tea of might to become SSJ3