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Frieza and Cooler's oldest brother who fought with Frieza for control of the Universe. He has no children and hates everything. As the oldest of King Cold's children he thought he would get the most land. Instead he only got one planet and an empire of only 3,000 soldiers.Being the strongest of his brothers he tried to invade their land. Not long after Planet Vegeta's destruction, Blizzar becomes furious because of Frieza killing the saiyans and calls him a coward. Even though he hated the saiyans he would not want to kill any of his minions. Then he plots to kill Frieza and take his empire and the "Planet Trade Organization". He easily kills Frieza's minions and makes it to his spaceship. He interogates Frieza as to why he killed those who served him. However the tyrant only laughs and says he doesn't need "Monkeys" to do his dirty work. Frieza charges up a Death Ball and aims it for Blizzar. But Blizzar tricks Frieza into thinking he is dead and defeats Frieza with one punch. He spares Frieza's life ,but says he won't the next time they meet. Three years after Cell's defeat, Blizzar,like Cooler, comes to find the one named Goku who discraced his family and killed his father and two brothers. He findsPiccolo and nearly kills him as he says he is getting his revenge. He finds a Super Saiyan Goten training with Gohan. Blizzar mistakes him him for Goku and almost kills him with a knee to the head. Gohan is raging and goes Super Sayain 2 and delivers a beatdown on Blizzar. Then he kills him with a Kamehameha times 2.