Base Bannano

Bannano is a Elite Saiyan warrior who fought in the Saiyan Civil War which was when the low-class Saiyans where revoting against the higher class citizens to gain control. The war happened 2,500 years before Goku was born.

The begining of the Saiyan Civil WarEdit

Bannano was born in a rich Saiyan family and he lived a happy life. Then when Bannano was 17 the Saiyan Civil War had begun Bannano had no choice but to join the Saiyan Civil War With his dad and it turned out Bannano was the youngest person in the war

Super Saiyan Bannano

Bannano had been fighting in the war for about two years and he was now 19 years old and is still the youngest person in the war. Bannano was now a powerful soilder and all the other soilders looked up to him. Bannano was the reason that the Saiyan Civil War ended.

The final days of the Saiyan Civil WarEdit

In the final days of the war Bannano was fighting really hard and in the final battle all of his hard work finaly paid off but not without a big sacrifice. Bannano and his dad killed a bunch of their enemys and was about to kill the leader of the low-class Saiyans which was going to end the whole war, but when they were about to kill the leader it turned out that the leader set a trap and it killed Bannano's dad. furious about his dad death he was able to transform into a Super Saiyan. Bannano easily killed the leader with his new found strength and then the Saiyan Civil War ended wirh the leader's death.

After the Saiyan Civil WarEdit

After the war Bannano was considered a hero and was given a huge medal and everyone thanked him. But sadly Bannano fell to a deep derpression after his dad died and he lived alone for the rest of his life.