Bandia escaped Planet Vegeta along with his younger brother Namco. When their pods were travaling together his pod was knocked off course to some unknown planet.
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Bandai warming up

On this unkown planet he also became kind-hearted like Goku and his brother,Namco. The native race trained him and evntually repaired his ship. Which wasn't done until he was around the age of 25. Then he set out to find his brother, along the way he faced many ordeals. At the age of 25 was able to gu SSJ. At the age of 27 ascended to the power of SSJ2. At the battlefield with Janembuu Bandia was able to wield the Enchanted Sword because of his pure heart. With the swords new found powers and his SSJ2 speed and strength Janembuu was done with one slash.


Ki Sensing-Abilty to sense someone's ki

Flight-Ablity to fly using the power of ki

Ki Blasts-Blasts powered by ki very simple

I WILL FIND MY BROTHER- Bandia releases a devasting combo leading to powerful Final Crusher

Final Crusher- A ki beam

Big Bang Attack- Taught by Vegeta

I WILL BECOME STRONGEST- LIke I WILL FIND MY BROTHER with a Big Bang Atack at the end instead of Final Crusher


Final Crusher

Known Transformations Edit

  1. Super saiyan
  2. Ascened Super Saiyan
  3. Ultra Super Saiyan
  4. Full Power Super Saiyan
  5. Super Saiyan 2
  6. Super Saiyan 3
  7. Super Saiyan 4

Family Edit

  1. Namco(brother)
  2. Mary(wife)
  3. Goheku(son)

Known Enimies DefeatedEdit

  1. Frieza
  2. Janembuu