Ascended True Super Saiyan

Gohan prepares to use his Final Flash on Broly.


This is the second upgrade of True Super Saiyan, the True Ascended Super Saiyan. The aggressive, remorseless behavior of the initial transformation is magnified; any control over emotion brought on by increased proficiency of the True Super Saiyan transformation is canceled out, and energy requirement to sustain the state becomes enormous when compared to the regular True Super Saiyan state.


This stage appears similar to that of a True Super Saiyan, with subtle differences. The flowing, golden hair becomes slightly more rigid and pales in color. Muscle mass also heavily increases, but not enough however to weigh the user down and reduce mobility (unlike the next stage of True Super Saiyan,Ultra True Super Saiyan), and the saiyan retains their agility. The red aura becomes larger and more jagged, accompanied by bio-electrical discharge when transforming or preparing attacks such as the Final Flash. Also, in this form, the Final Flash is much larger than in the Ascended Super Saiyan form. And the red eyes are glowing much brighter. Anything that requires the saiyan to use ki is colored red.


  • Gohan