Android Raditz is a android that a scientest made from the remains of Raditz.



Super Saiyan 4 Android Raditz

One day a scientest was walking when he saw the remains of Raditz on the ground, when he examined the body it turned out that Raditz's body could be made into a android. After many months the scientest finaly made Raditz a android and Android Raditz even remembers everything that happened before his death. The scientest commanded Android Raditz to kill everyone the scientist hated, but Android Raditz was getting annoyed with the scientest so he killed him with a single punch. Raditz was amazed with his new found power and it turned out that his power increased 850,000,000 times. Android Raditz was able to locate his brother Kakarot and challanged him to fight him, Goku excepted Android Raditz's challange and they begun to fight. In the begining of the fight they both seemed even but it turned out Goku was holding back and when he started fighting for real Raditz was getting destroyed and almost

Base form Android Raditz

died. But some how Raditz still lived and his anger made him become a Super Saiyan and he became even stronger, Goku became a Super Saiyan also and once again was able to over power Raditz. Raditz was so furious and he knew he couldn't stand a chance but then all of a sudden Android Raditz saw the moons of a far away planet and he turned into a Golden Great Ape and then some how he was able to control the form and become a Super Saiyan 4. Goku transformed into a

Super Saiyan Android Raditz

Super Saiyan 4 also and this time was able to kill Android Raditz with a Kamekameha x10 which finished him off.

Android Raditz's final words to Goku was

"Curse you brother, I can't believe I died for a second time!!!!!!!"