Alice and Vegeta met on Planet Vegeta, she was only a baby when taken from her mother and Father by a family friend, Bardock. Alice was given to Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta Alice or Ally lives with her sister, Angel, and her mother, Fasha, Angel is very fearful and has every Saiyan trait, she strikes fear into everyones souls, even her sister. Fasha is very sarcastic and loveable afterall she has her only daughters. Alice and Vegeta had a very small Wedding, compared to Fasha's or Angel's. The couple only had the Z warriors and their families. Kakarot and company, Master Roshi and "family", Yamcha and Family, Krillin and Family, Piccolo, Dende, and Mr. Popo. They had it close to home as in Alice's Backyard. Angel being Alice's sister was the maid of honour, Chi-Chi, Bulma, Azalea, Amrit, Fasha, and Maron, were the bridesmaids and Kakarot the best Man. Knowing that Kakarot and his family would be there they over cooked.

Alice and Vegeta are happily married with two kids, Ayame, and Luna, the twins. Ayame resemles

her mother, same eye color and same hairstyle. Luna however resembles her father a bit, same eye colour but same hairstyle as her mother, Ayame has black hair, but Luna has bright ginger hair with honey streaks. Alice had never met her father there so with the help of her mother and sister she finds out that the girls grandfather, Tora had ginger hair. The girls are friends with Valese, Pan, and Marron,'

Alice and Vegeta collect all seven Dragon balls and wish Immortality on themselves. Vegeta shows affection to his wife, and his daughters, but not when he's around anyone, he's too proud. Ayame is just like her father, tough, and proud, however Luna acts just like her mother did in her teenage years.